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Meridian Development Group

Finasol Pacifico S.A. de C.V. is the economic planning and financial project controller and funding agent for the Meridian Group’s projects in Mexico.

Finasol Pacifico is comprised of full-time and specialty part-time financial and technical consultants that work closely with each projects main components including the execution of technical, construction, marketing & sales, controlling financing, reporting, auditing, and management of each projects corporate structure from its centralized offices south of the resort town of Rosarito, Baja California.

Charles W. Dunn – CFO

Principal / Chief Financial Officer Mr. Dunn has over 30 years experience as an international management consultant, investment fund manager and investment-banking principal. He often serves as CFO and/or Board member of client companies, including a recent experience in these positions with a NASDAQ-traded company. He was a senior consultant on financial strategy with McKinsey & Company in New York City and Paris and later became the Managing Director of a substantial private investment fund based in London. Formerly, he was the Managing Director, Financial & Operations Officer, and Compliance Officer, of Sutter Securities, Inc., a San Francisco-based broker/dealer firm with offices in New York City.

Thomas Kann

International Finance Mr. Kann began his career at 40 Wall Street in 1968 as a stockbroker with Bache & Co. In 1973 he joined Loeb Rhoades, where he was appointed trader in the newly created GNMA securities market. During his career as a fixed income trader, department head and institutional salesman he worked at such global investment banks as United California Bank, Smith Barney, Société Générale, Morgan Stanley and UBS Securities.

Michael Manley

Strategic Finance Advisor (CFA) – Latisur Capital Ltd. Mr. Manley has over twenty years of institutional capital markets experience as a securities and quantitative analyst. Early in his career he gained experience as a project engineer within the automotive industry supply chain. His combined technical and financial background coupled with an entrepreneurial and self directed nature facilitated his involvement in development stage enterprises.

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