Brian Chiswell Bradbury

Principal / CFO Mexico

Mr Chiswell has over twelve years banking and financial experience in London, Buenos Aires and Mexico City. After completing his honours degree in Financial Economics at University of London, Mr Chiswell joined Bankers Trust in London where he worked in structuring and distributing fixed income & derivative products to European pension and investment funds.


Mr Chiswell later joined ABN Amro Bank in Buenos Aires where he was in charge of managing the financial requirements of several leading corporations including the Coca-Cola group and McDonalds. ABN Amro went on to become the Coca Cola Group's number one bank in Argentina. He went on to direct private equity deals with HSBC in Argentina and Brazil which included equity investments in several technology and agro-industrial companies.

Mr Chiswell more recently was in charge of setting up and managing the investment funds division of one of Mexico's leading currency exchange companies, Casa de Cambio Tiber.

He is an associate chief financial officer for the MDG group's projects in Mexico and resides in Mexico City.

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